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Promotional Staff Description 

We are seeking exceptional promotional talent to represent our clients, host events and to execute demonstrations.

Promotional Jobs Hired:

Alcohol/Food/Product Demonstrator, Brand Ambassador, Event Hosts, MC/DJ, Secret Shopper, Tradeshow Model and more!

Minimum Requirements

  • Proficient in clearly speaking, writing, reading and comprehending English language
  • 2+ years of promotional experience or 2+ years of B2C sales experience
  • Access to a computer
  • Smartphone & Camera- capable of email, text messages, completing recaps, photos
  • Complete recaps within 24 hours
  • Alcohol license (if applying for alcohol demos)
  • Reliable transportation

Select Responsibilities include but not limited to

  • Interacting with large groups of people
  • Standing and/or sitting for 3+ hours
  • Distributing samples or material
  • Attending live, phone or video training
  • Completing digital and printed reports within deadlines
  • Taking photos of yourself and consumers

Ensure you have these items if you are booked for sampling events:

  • Table and Tablecloth
  • Napkins
  • 1 oz sampling cups
  • Plastic serving gloves 
  • Bottle opener
  • Ice Bucket
  • Black pants, White/Black collar shirt, black closed-toe shoes


  • We pay via Direct Deposit only. This information will be required before booking you for any event.
  • Recaps are due within 24 hours of your event. Sunday event recaps are due on Sunday. After 24 hours, you will not receive payment for submitted recaps.
  • Positions are Independent Contractor status. Individuals are booked on an as-needed basis.


Sales Manager & People Recruiter (internal position)

Sid Simone, Inc. is hiring remote Sales and People Recruiters to generate sales and recruit candidates. This role is 75% sales and 25% social media posting. This is a remote position that allows you to work from home, as an Independent Contractor and for commission.

Responsibilities of Sales Recruiter

  • Generate businesses in need of temporary or permanent staffing
  • Write creative and persuasive job descriptions for social media, blogs and job sites
  • Write creative and persuasive sales posts for clients for social media, blogs and job sites
  • Plan and develop recruitment strategies while maintaining a well-qualified and diverse pool of candidates
  • Prepare and present reports to management on sales and recruiting activities to include researching and analyzing hiring trends and turnover statistics.

Want to be paid? We gotcha!

  • 10% commission on your closed sales
  • 10% placement fee, for recruits placed in a salaried role
  • Payment for new candidates (you share jobs anyway- why not get paid?)
  • Healthcare and commuter discounts
  • Free concert and movie tickets, access to exclusive industry events
  • Direct Deposit; Independent Contractor

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